A renowned philosopher once said: “Get on your feet. Get up. And make it happen.”

Or maybe that was Gloria Estefan.  I forget.  Anyways, the messenger doesn’t matter as much as the MESSAGE.  And I am so excited that I am getting the chance to put “The List” up and make it happen!!!  If you don’t know what list I am talking about, then please go back to the VERY FIRST POST LISTED ON THIS BLOG.  Then come right back to —-this spot––.     And yes, I am well aware that I promised my finalized charity list on December 1st, and since today is December 10th this obviously did not happen.  But please allow me to explain.  The list I promised did not occur for one (or all) of the following reasons:

1.)  I didn’t take my Attention Deficit Disorder medication as directed.  I may have missed a dose or two.  Or fourteen.  And it’s damn near impossible, yet comical, for me to function without it.

2.)  I am huge procrastinator. HUGE.  Synonyms for HUGE: Behemothic, Colossal, Cyclopean, Elephantine, Gargantuan, Grandiose, Herculean, Majestic, Super-sized, Titanic.  That’s me!  That’s bad :/

3.)  I have had a very busy few weeks burying some very special people.  One month ago we tragically and unexpectedly lost my cousin Rob in a car accident at the age of 35.  And just yesterday my family returned home from a trip to Connecticut where we laid my father-in-law to rest after he passed peacefully on December 4th.

Death can be a wonderful reminder of how short life is, and how we should make the most of every second.  Every single person was put on Earth for a purpose, no matter how long they stay here.  YOU are here to make a difference to someone.  YOU are here for a purpose.  YOU should believe that with all of your heart, and if you don’t believe it and you think you’ve got it so bad, then I hope you find something or someone that inspires you in this blog this year.   I wish that I could have chosen soooooo many more charities.  Trust me, I know that there are a million good causes.  And if you don’t like one or some or ANY of the ones I’ve chosen and you’d rather donate your $10 to something closer to your heart, then by all means please donate to something that YOU stand by or stand for!  I have tried to divide my choices up into local charities near my hometown of Grand Rapids, MI and charities that assist people much farther than I’ll ever be able to reach.  With that being said, I am pleased to FINALLY announce my twelve charities for 2013, in alphabetical order  🙂

Drum roll

“Drum roll, please”……………………….”DRUM ROLL.”

  1. Alzheimer’s Association
  2. American Cancer Society
  3. American Red Cross
  4. Arbor Circle
  5. God’s Kitchen/Gallery 303
  6. Humane Society for Shelter Pets
  7. Kids Food Basket
  8. March of Dimes
  9. More-Self-Less
  10. Out of the Darkness
  11. St. Baldrick’s
  12. Wounded Warrior Project

All of these are very near and dear to me, and to people I love.  There will be fantastic blog stories to go along with these, I promise  🙂  I am also honored to have my mama coming along with me to these events to document my year in photos.  I can tell you that the charity I will be starting with in January is God’s Kitchen/Gallery 303, a local charity.  Some of my best girlfriends and I are already getting together to paint ceramic soup bowls for a fundraiser to fight hunger and homelessness.  I am honored to have these girls along for the ride with me, and I am honored to have you too!!!  So get your ten bucks and your volunteer hours and your old towels and your blood ready (yikes!) and I’ll see you back here (and on Facebook) soon.  Auld lang syne!!!


5 thoughts on “A renowned philosopher once said: “Get on your feet. Get up. And make it happen.”

  1. Laura S. says:

    I love this idea! I’ll be donating my $10 to #’s 5 and 7! Love to know more about 9 and 10. 😀

    • Liz K! says:

      They are all fantastic charities~ thank you for helping out 🙂 #9 and #10 will be done closer to the end of 2013. “Out of the Darkness” deals with suicide prevention and “More Self Less” is a local charity that ‘adopts’ families year round (and especially during the holidays) and provides them with food, medical supplies, household items, presents and more.

  2. Melissa says:

    i am going to donate $10/ month to March of Dimes. I donate already but I love this idea and the March of Dimes

    • Liz K! says:

      Thank you for helping me see this through 🙂 My daughter was a preemie, and my best friend lost her daughter at 31 weeks. March of Dimes does AMAZING work. I love to support them as well. Thanks for hanging out on my page!!

  3. […] Want to see the complete list of charities I’ll be donating to this year???  Please check out that post by clicking here –> https://mysuddenattackofconscience.wordpress.com/2012/12/10/a-renowned-philosopher-once-said-get-on-y… […]

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