Soooo, a little over a week ago I finished up working on my 4th charity.  My FOURTH.  Which makes me one third of the way done with my New Year’s resolution!  Me, the girl who rarely finishes anything, and if so it is certainly never on time.  Me, the girl who has a 45 second attention span and jumps ship at the sight of something shiny.   Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 🙂
I feel like someone should fetch me a podium and a microphone, so I can thank the people that got me to this point.  People like my hubby and my daughter, who forfeit some of their very important time with me so I can write blogs and run my Facebook page.  People like my friends and family, who support me and encourage me and remind me that even if I reach just one person then I am making a difference.  People like my fellow bloggers, who wrote the stories and divulged the personal experiences that inspired me to choose some of the charities that I did, and who share me with their own fans way more than I deserve.  People like YOU, a follower that is reading this and sharing my statuses and interacting with me on my Facebook page and messaging me to let me know how this inspires you too.  Oh, and of course I can’t forget to thank my Adderall, without which my dedication and focus on this year long task would not be remotely possible 😉  I am seriously loving every minute second of what I’m doing.  Thank you, you guys!!!
*[waits for wolf whistles and thunderous applause to die down]*

Okay, but seriously.  Let’s get back to the good things, which are actually more like great things!  Kids Food Basket was my April charity, and I already miss it.  Is it crazy to miss assembling and packing 300 bologna sandwiches!?!

100 sandwiches to a box :)

100 sandwiches to a box 🙂

KFB works to ensure that children in my West Michigan community do not go to bed hungry by distributing Sack Suppers, which are paper lunch bags filled with over 1,000 calories from five food groups.  When paired with the breakfast and lunch served in school, KFB’s Sack Supper is enough to meet a child’s daily nutritional requirement.  Both the Grand Rapids and Muskegon locations together serve FIVE THOUSAND school children every weekday.  Within the next year, KFB’s goal is to take every school off of their waiting list, and by doing so they would accommodate another 1,000 students.  Is it as disturbing to you as it is to me to know that 6,000 children from just around MY TOWN go home to no dinner???  That means it’s happening around your town too!  And that sucks.  I love dinner.  Who doesn’t love dinner?!  

The Sack Supper menu for my first day of volunteering.  The items listed first are packed on the bottom, and as you make your way down the list, the lighter items get packed towards the top so nothing gets smooshed!!

The Sack Supper menu written on the white board the day I took my tour of the KFB facility 🙂

There is a new menu put up every day, and the items listed first are the heaviest so they get packed towards the bottom of the bag.  As you move down the list, the lighter items end up on top so that the kids’ dinners don’t get squished!  The KFB staff also took into consideration the fact that a lot of the children receiving the Sack Suppers may not have access to a stove or a microwave or any other appliance that would heat their meals.  Therefore, they are very careful to only send food that can be consumed “as is.”  KFB also sends out Snack Sacks, baggies filled with pudding cups and sunflower seeds and granola bars, which help sustain children over long weekends and holidays when they won’t have the chance to receive their regular bagged dinner.   They are always looking for large groups to assemble Snack Sacks off site, as well as to fill snack bags full of trail mix and popcorn!  If you live in the area, and are looking for a team building activity for your office or your students or your church group, etc,  then pretty please consider volunteering for KFB.  It is so much fun, and they need all the help they can get.

Oh yeah...and did I mention we donated over 50 packs of pudding?!?

Oh yeah…and did I mention we donated over 50 packs of pudding?!?


And Cheerios.  And applesauce.  And peanut butter.  And baggies.  Lots and lots of baggies.  It says so right here:

Yep, you read that right.  7 pounds of plastic baggies.

Yep, you read that right. 7 pounds of plastic baggies.

Sigh.  There’s so much to love about this organization that I can’t even put it into words, even though my job is to put it into words.  Kids Food Basket has the most amazing, passionate staff.  I did not meet one employee that wasn’t fully invested in the success of this organization.  From the moment I emailed them to inquire about helping, I had nothing but positive feedback and complete support.  There was Ashley, who was totally enthusiastic about my project, and took me on a complete tour of the facility, while giving me the detailed background on how they got started and where they plan to take it in the future.  There was Laura, who runs the volunteer process flawlessly, and who made sure I was able to get my volunteer time done in the month of April even though I gave her very little warning.   There was Austin, who has the actual assembly process running like clockwork and down to a science.  They are friendly and outgoing and always appreciative of the helpers.  There are so many more that I didn’t list on here, but they are just as crucial to the success of Kids Food Basket.

(Left to right)  Ashley, Austin and Liz :)

(Left to right) Ashley, Austin and Liz  🙂

So….how did we do???  We did fantastic, as usual!!  You people are amazing.  I never ask people how much they’ve donated when they let me know that they have, so sometimes my final number is just my best guess, but I know for sure that we donated at least $175.00, and I know for sure that we donated 5 huge bags of food and packing supplies.  I know that I spent 3 hours on site, trying to work as fast as I could to get as much done as possible.  I know there are about 1,000 decorated paper sacks that we will end up turning in total.  I also know for sure that I will ABSOLUTELY be back to spend more time working with them!  I will be back to help put thousands of juice boxes into crates and stack them five crates high.  I will be back to help assemble and bag hundreds of bologna sandwiches.  I will be back to drive the lunches to the schools that they get distributed at.  I will be back to drop off lunch sacks decorated by the entire student body at my daughter’s school.  I will constantly be on the lookout for weekly deals at local grocery stores on items that go into the Sack Suppers.  And I will be encouraging you all to do this too.  It’s easy.  Just go to their website and click on the red DONATE tab or the blue VOLUNTEER tab at the top of the screen.  Tell them that Liz from My Sudden Attack of Conscience sent you.  Decide that you want to make a difference and then just get up and do it.   Find a program like this in your town.  START a program like this in your town.  You, too, can really pack a punch.  xoxo

Every volunteer who comes through KFB gets to sign the walk in cooler.  I am one of THOUSANDS, but I'm still making a difference.

Every volunteer who comes through KFB gets to sign the walk in cooler. I am one of THOUSANDS, but I’m still making a difference.


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